Anis Corneal Forceps Corneal Forceps w/tying platform, 1 X 2 teeth, 0.12mm


Anis Foceps
Lens Holding Forceps extra delicate 9mm long smooth jaws 45 degree angle


Blaydes Forceps Lens Holding Forceps very delicate, narrow, smooth jaws, 45 degree


Arruga Forceps Capsule Forceps


Ayer Forceps Chalazion Forceps


Baby Jones Forceps Towel Clamp Forceps cross-action 2 (55mm) long


Backhaus Forceps Towel Clamp 5.25 (135mm) long 5 (145mm) long curved


Barraquer Forceps Cilia Forceps lightly angled smooth jaws


Beer Forceps Cilia Forceps


Bishop-Harmon Dressing Forceps Dressing Forceps Criss -cross serrated tips


Bishop-Harmon Forceps Tissue Forceps 1 X 2 teeth extra delicate 0.4mm


Bonaccolto Conjunctiva Forceps
Utility Forceps longitudinally serrrated jaws with cross serrations at tips 1.2


Bonn Forceps Forceps 1 X 2 teeth, 0.12mmlong model


Bores Forceps
Fixation Forceps 3mm spread, 1 X 2 teeth, at each tip, 0.12mm, straight


Fixation Forceps 3mm spread, 1 X 2 teeth, at each tip, 0.12mm, Curved


Botvin Forceps Iris Forceps 1X2 teeth


Buratto Forceps Lasik Flap Forceps serrated & abrasive blasted inner tip


Castroviejo Suturing Forceps
Suturing Forceps 1 X 2 teeth, with tying platform angled 0.30mm


Clayman Forceps Lens Holding Forceps delicate with curved shanks


Colibri Forceps Forceps very delicate1 X 2 teeth, 0.12mm with tying platform