Barraquer Spatula Iris Spatula round handle, smooth angled, tip width 0.25mm dia


Castroviejo Synechiae Spatula double-ended 0.5mm wide with semi-sharp tips


Castroviejo Corneal Transplant Corneal Transplant Spatula, Double-ended


Iris Spatula Malleable Stainless steel, 1mm blade


Dastoor Needles Pupil and Iris Repositor


Jaffe Needles  Lens Spatula flat, smooth 0.5mm wide


Kimura Platinum Spatula Platinum Spatula


Nordan Capsule Elevator for in-the bag IOL placement


Obstbaum Lens Spatula angled blade 0.25mm wide


Sinskey-Drysdale Lens Manipulating Hook and Nucleus Manipulator


Troutman-Barraquer Iris spatula angled tip 15mm, tip width 0.5mm